We are dedicated to providing your agency with the most up-to-date training available to ensure your investigators or attorneys are successful. At Pyrology, we define success as reaching scientifically sound conclusions and using them to pursue appropriate resolutions. Just like medical professionals, your investigators are held to a standard of care, in which they must perform their duties at a level that would be reasonable for the forensic science community under the same circumstances. This standard of care is established through NFPA 1033, NFPA 921, and other peer-reviewed treatises. Agencies and investigators who fail to meet the standard of care open themselves up to liability. 


Our training services will ensure your staff meets or exceeds the standard of care. If there is a possibility your investigator could be required to testify regarding a fire or explosion investigation, they will likely have to prove they are capable of being an expert witness. This means going through a Daubert Hearing to establish that your investigator 1) is qualified, and 2) used scientific methodologies to reach his conclusions. If your investigator fails to meet the Daubert Standard, he will not be allowed to testify as an expert.

Reduce your liability and improve outcomes! Work with us to assess your training needs and develop a program that suits your agency's needs. We offer both stand-alone training sessions and on-going professional development. If you don't see a course below that suits your needs, please contact us to request a specific topic.

Courses Available:

  • Basic Arson Investigations for Law Enforcement

  • Basic Arson Investigations for Attorneys

  • Fire Science: Fire and the Occupied Environment

  • The Chemistry of Fire

  • Thermodynamics: Transfer of Heat Energy

  • Thermometry: Measuring Heat Energy

  • Fire Dynamics: The Movement of Fire and Fluid Mechanics

  • Explosion Dynamics

  • Introduction to Computer Fire Modeling

  • Fire Investigation: Origin, Cause, and Development

  • Fire Incident Analysis: Determining Responsibility

  • Fire Investigation Methodology

  • Emerging Technology for Fire and Explosion Investigations

  • Hazardous Materials for Fire/Explosion Investigators

  • Failure Analysis and Analytical Tools

  • Forensic Evaluation of Fire Protection Systems

  • Evidence Preservation, Documentation, and Collection

  • Basic Electricity and Electrical Systems

  • Managing Complex Investigations

  • Analyzing Fatal Fires to Understand Victim Behavior

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